Fetch the Stick owner Dana Bishop.  Shown with the new Ski Big Squaw Mountain Sign in 2013.  This project was a nice mix of design, hand-work and laser-processing.
Fetch the Stick owner Dana Bishop. Shown with the new Ski Big Squaw Mountain Sign in 2013. This project was a nice mix of design, hand-work and laser-processing.

Toss Me Your Idea.


Web Development ~ Print Design ~ Laser Processing ~ Woodworking.  A unique and powerful skill set.

Logo and print design are a natural first step to web design.  With these design and digital elements we can create physical elements: signage, custom wooden fixtures, laser-branded sales tools and more.

The Workshop:

FetchTheStick’s workshop combines the best of the present with the best of the past.  In the workshop, you can find many vintage woodworking machines operating as they have for many years.  These include an 1876 Dwight-Slate Drillpress, a 24″ Newman Planer, a 30″ Oliver Bandsaw, a Crescent line-shaft mortiser, a 24″ Chicago Machine Jointer, and a 16″ Tannewitz JW-250 Tablesaw that weighs over 2000 lbs.  These machines are driven by modern, computerized phase inverters. You will also find antique workbenches, vises, and 18th century hand-tools working alongside a ULS VX-55 CO2 Laser System, laptops, tablets, and a wide array of elements needed for micro-manufacturing a wide variety of products.

  • IMG_3937
    Here is the FetchTheStick Workshop. Much cleaner here than normal.
  • IMG_3943
    This Ulmia workbench used to belong to Wildhelm Gertz in his piano shop in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • IMG_5249
    This Dwight Slate drill press is the oldest in the shop (ca. 1876) and one of the few know surviving Dwight Slate tools.
  • IMG_5251
    This crescent line shaft mortiser spent years outside until being rescued and restored by us. We have found that this low-speed machine outperforms modern 1800RPM direct-drive machines and it also doesn’t burn up mortising bits.
  • IMG_8403
    This Newman 24″ planer is the result of a 5-year restoration. It runs off of a frequency drive hidden under the machine. This allows us to run it on the single-phase power we have in the shop.
  • IMG_8405
    This Superior Machine Works jointer came from a furniture shop near Buffalo, New York. At 24 inches, it is the largest jointer I have ever seen and nicely complements the 24 inch Newman planer.
  • IMG_9265
    This 30 inch Oliver bandsaw is probably the nicest machine in the shop. Anyone who knows vintage woodworking tools knows that only one or two other names are at Oliver’s level of quality. Oliver machine tools are still sought out by many woodworkers to this day. The Oliver is shown here with a freshly cut Osage Long Bow.
  • IMG_1083
    The Universal VLS-55 Laser is a little more high-tech than the other tools in the shop. Made in the USA, Universal systems are known for their reliability and maintainability. It is capable of cutting through wood up to 1/2″ thick and raster engraving down to 300ppi. It is a workhorse of a machine that is capable of running processes while I am doing other stuff in the shop.
  • IMG_2341
    The giant fireplace keeps the shop warm in the winter and makes a great place to sweep sawdust into.
  • IMG_5252
    The Squaw signs taking up a fair share of real-estate. This was only about a week before installation.
  • IMG_1141
    The Gold Powermatic is probably the most-used powertool in the shop.
  • IMG_1139
    The Tannewitz JW-250. This saw came from the Thomasville furniture factory in North Carolina. This beast weighs over 2000lbs.

About Me:

My name is Dana Bishop. Today, along with FetchtheStick, I work in marketing and operations at a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership.  However, I am formally an engineer who spent time designing and working on systems in the Marine and Power industries.  Despite a background in math and science, I have always been drawn to more artistic, and natural elements of design and manufacture.   The marriage of art and science both old and new is my passion.  

Maybe these concepts appeal to you as well?  Toss Me Your Idea.  See what comes back.

See my Other Projects page to see some personal projects I have been working on.

Professional Client List:

  • Ocean State Harley-Davidson
  • Big Squaw Mountain Ski Area
  • Greenville Junction Depot Friends
  • Friends of Moosehead Lake
  • FosteringArts.org
  • Holland America Cruise Line
  • AmSea
  • BJK Law
  • Northford Timber Framers
  • Jennifer Sciole (Actress Nip-Tuck)
  • Wolf Ridge Farm
  • Hidden Horse Farm
  • Woodspinners
  • David Eisenmann (Pixar)
  • Sean Michael Ragan (Make Magazine)
  • Alex Black (Turing)
  • All Pro Health Center
  • Automated Temperature Controls
  • Black Sheep Post and Beam
  • Blues Jean Bar
  • Chaos Motorcycles
  • Daily Bread Bakery
  • Emily’s Closet  
  • Jessica Mary Clayton Fashion Design
  • Petersen Realty
  • Krastina(UCLA)
  • Mia Huang(NYU)
  • Nightmare Productions Recording Studio
  • Players Club Travel Tours
  • Spencerfern.com
  • Korakian Builders (Greece),


  • Graduate of RISD|Continuing Education’s Web and Interface Design Program (2015)
  • Graduate of Maine Maritime Academy BS in Marine Systems Engineering (1999)
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL.
  • Experienced with Content Management Systems, including Wordpress and CMS Made Simple.
  • Other Web proficiencies include: PHP MyAdmin, CPanel, Linux, MAMP, WAMP.
  • Proficient with Adobe products:  Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Aftereffects, Lightroom.
  • Proficient with Apcellerator Titanium Cross Platform Develper System.
  • Proficient with wireframing and with Omnigraffle.



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